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Benefits of Obtaining a Post-Graduate Diploma In canada

Study in Canada
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Studying some type of postgraduate, master’s degree, or specialization can become the turning point in the career of any 21st century professional.

The constant competition and need to excel in the labor market of different societies drives people to grow and expand their knowledge in order to opt for the best positions.

Completing a specialization in a specific branch provides various additional benefits for a developing professional. Among them can be mentioned the development of new skills that stimulate performance and ability to address new job challenges, direct a career towards a more favorable point and focused on specific areas of execution, update previously learned knowledge, increase the potential for income, or know other perspectives and professionals that in the future may mean opportunities.

You can find countless specializations, masters, doctorates, or postgraduate degrees in areas such as business, engineering, health sciences, journalism, law, education, social sciences, among others. However, specifically in Canada it can be a bit tricky to identify them.

The Canadian higher education system allows colleges, universities and institutions to call them differently. Therefore, on many occasions the choice of it can become confusing.

Graduate-certificates, post-diploma, post-degrees, postgraduates, or graduates diplomas, are the names that are usually given to these programs in Canada and each one requires prior study of programs or degrees that allow it to be carried out.

These have a duration between 1 and 3 years, and in the same way as it happens in regions such as Latin America with masters, postgraduate degrees, or specializations, this is what makes their denomination vary.

Some examples of postgraduate programs can be Web and Mobile App Design and Development, Marketing Management, Data Data Analytics or Supply Chain Management, with a duration of 2 years and offered in institutions such as Langara College , located in the city of Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia.

You can also find other programs such as Project Management, Construction Management, Art Management, among others, with a duration of 1 year.

It is important to mention the duration of the program, because it has a direct impact on one of the main benefits of studying them in Canada, and that is the fact of being able to opt for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP).

The relationship works as follows; If an International student attends any of the aforementioned specialization programs and lasts for 1 year, the student may qualify for the application of a 1-year PGWP. However, if the same student decides to opt for a 2 to 3 year program, the PGWP will be equivalent to 3 years of legal work permit in the country.

The period of time that the person is working as a qualified worker with the PGWP is of vital importance because it will add points in the collection of the same that is necessary to obtain permanent residence in Canada through the different immigration programs offered. by the Canadian government.

Therefore, for any professional whose mission is to settle permanently in the country, having a longer-term work permit is clearly even more beneficial.

Astrid Villarroel, Sales Director and Advisor at LC Mundo conducted an interview where she emphasized the importance of the duration of the program or specialization to be taken in order to have a slight advantage when settling in the country, however, also He mentioned another option that may also be equally effective.

“ When we think of getting a PGWP we always think of 2-year programs in order to obtain a 3-year work permit upon graduation. However, we must take into account that if students complete 2 postgraduate courses of 1 year each, they will still be able to obtain a 3-year work permit, so we do not recommend discarding the 1-year options. ” Villarroel explained.

Due to this, and to the benefits mentioned above, such as the development of new skills, the redirection of a career, the updating of previously learned knowledge and the increase in the possibility of obtaining positions and increasing income potential, carry out a program of Postgraduate studies in Canada is one of the surest ways to guarantee success in this country.

In case you need additional information, LC Mundo recommends viewing the “live” held on your Instagram account with Langara College, or making an appointment with your educational advisors.


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