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Top 5 Cheapest Cities in Canada for International Students

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Thinking of studying in Canada as an International Student ? If yes, we have outlined some of the cheapest cities in Canada for international students that will suit your budget. Where to live is the next thing to consider after choosing a university in Canada.

As a foreign student who had just arrived in a distant land, your greatest concern would be to have a place to call home. Despite the craving for comfort and aesthetics, finances and budget will determine which venue will be most suitable and affordable for you.

Canada is among the most expensive countries in the world; and also home to some of the best universities. This suggests that the standard of living in Canada is relatively high.

As prospective international students, who of course want to cut your budget after the heat of high tuition fees and travel expenses, you need to know the cities that are affordable and fit your budget.

Top 5 Cheapest Cities in Canada for International Students That Will Fit Your Budget

Look: As you read on, we will describe not only some of the cheapest cities in Canada for international students, but the best as well.

1. Sherbrooke

It is the sixth largest city in Quebec, with more than 6 students spread over eight institutions. The cost of living in Sherbrooke is approximately 40,000. 15% below the national average.

Monthly rent for a room in the city center costs C $ 470.00 and relatively C $ 405.00 outside the city center.

If your choice of institution is Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke is your safe home. Housing and other necessities are very affordable, in addition to the rich natural aesthetics of rivers and lakes.

2. Moncton, New Brunswicks

The prestigious Crandall University is located in Moncton. It is the largest city in New Brunswick with a cost of living approximately 6.3% below the national average. A bedroom in the city center costs between C $ 735.29 per month and C $ 642.08 outside the city.

Moncton is a place for you if you hate the congestion of city life with its terrible traffic. The city is spiced with national parks and beaches. The city has a population of 140,000 and speaks both English and French.

 3. Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay is known as the city of the lake. It is the headquarters of Lakehead University. Its population reached 108,400. Compared to other big cities in Canada.

An amazing fact about Thunder Bay is that it has a significantly lower cost of living. The cost of a room in the city ranges from C $ 925.00 per month to C $ 818.75 outside the city. This is why we consider Thunder Bay to be not the best, but also the cheapest city in Canada for international students.

4. St. Catharines, Ontario

If your choice of institution is Brock University or Niagara College, St. Catharines will be the perfect home for you.

The monthly rent for a room in the city ranges from C $ 998.18 to C $ 905.56 outside the city.

If you have a craving for tourism and aesthetics, St. Catharines should be on the top list when choosing a place to live. Its aesthetic is adorned with lush vegetation, gardens, parks, trails and, to crown it, Niagara Falls, which attract the attention of tourists. That’s why St. Catharines, Ontario is on our list of Cheapest Cities in Canada for International Students.


 5. Abbotsford, British Columbia

One of the largest universities in Canada, Fraser Valley University is located in Abbotsford. The city is located near the US border and Abbotsford International Airport. It is also accessible to large cities such as Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby.

Abbotsford is the largest city by area in British Columbia, affordable for students 3.6% below the national average. The monthly rent for a room in the city ranges from C $ 181,050.00 to C $ 962.50 outside the city.


By now, you have an idea of ​​what your budget will look like. And the best among cities that will suit your financial capacity.

At the very least, you won’t go broke paying high bills as an international student in Canada, but you will surely find a place that is affordable and comfortable as well.

Now tell us, which of these cheapest cities in Canada for international students do you intend to reside? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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